Retirement Transition Coaching

What is ACT Life Coaching?

Coaching with Wendy Green is a partnership with a credentialed coach to achieve increased confidence, improved communication and clarity, and optimized functioning in work and life.


Hi, I'm Wendy.

“I understand transitions.  I have lived through many transitions, both personal and professional. I have studied Change Leadership and Coaching people through change and transitions. It can be a time of turmoil and it can also be a time of tremendous growth. Transitions can occur because of joyful events (the birth of a new child) and traumatic events, such as the loss of a job or a spouse. I will walk with you as you experience the initial confusion of the change, the time in between where most of the growth occurs and the acceptance and celebration of moving forward.”

“Wendy is a highly motivated and experienced coach. She is the perfect professional to help you get pointed in the right direction and guide you through your challenges to new possibilities.”

L.W., Greenville, SC

"Wendy has a gift for guiding her clients to finding their own best answer. She leads the process but doesn't draw conclusions for you. I uncovered things about myself that brought peace  through her careful guidance."

A.S., Simponville, SC

Management Coaching

There are managers that coach and managers that don’t. Leverage coaching to develop your organizations talent.

  • Setting Clear Expectations
  • Develop a Coaching Mindset
  • Recognition Strategies
  • and more…


Career / Outplacement Coaching

If you always do what you always did, how will anything be different? Breakthrough with a coaching relationship.

  • Rebuild Confidence
  • Understand Transition Stages
  • Explore Options
  • and more….

Re-inventing Life After Full Time Employment

Are you prepared to launch yourself into your passion or are you destined to shuffle around the house wearing slippers?

  • Understand Transition Stages
  • Transcend Old Roles
  • Develop Goals
  • and more…

Change Is Hard.

Find peace, inspiration, and follow your best path.

I’ve developed 7 Keys to Happiness, a program to help guide you to Your Next Best Chapter – your life after full-time employment.